October 22/2013

Hello again,

I have some good news to report. I was in Saint John today for an appointment with my oncologist. She read my latest MRI and it is unchanged, so no growth in the last two months. Therefore, I will continue my chemotherapy. I’ve been on it now for almost 8 weeks and it is sapping my energy. Can’t do much these days. I guess that’s all part of it but gets frustrating sometimes just laying around.

Renovations are almost done, just a few things I’m trying to finish up before the snow comes. I will have a new grandchild coming in a couple of months, so looking forward to that. Meme is doing a lot of knitting!

Thanks again for the comments and support,

Take care all,


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  1. Adam Johnson says:

    I heard that you had some new challenges and I thought I would check in on your blog and see how you were doing. I am pleased to see your latest update that no growth has occurred and my thoughts are with you for a full recovery. Stay Strong Jamie.

  2. Kathy & Tim Baldwin says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Glad to hear your news! We will continue to keep you and family in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Kathy & Tim Baldwin says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Glad to hear the good news. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Anne Marie & Maurice says:

    Maurice and I ran into Meme at the McAllister Mall. Not only Meme but your beautiful granddaughter and daughter. Meme mentioned you will be a grand-daddy once again, and we are delighted for you all. My girl got married last October, and it’s hopefully only a matter of a short time before she presents me with one too. Meme mentioned that you are tolerating the chemo reasonably well (as only one can) , and that you are seeing Dr. Burnell. She is a very dedicated physician and you can be assured that you have the best! She is very matter of fact, but she is also very caring.

    Meme remebered Maurice from his hat and his hair…he certainly is memorable. He is watching the world series, even though his beloved RedSox are not in it.

    We keep you both in our prayers

  5. Anne Marie & Maurice says:

    I almost forgot to mention the great news, so pleased to hear the latest MRI is good. Also remember, if there is anything we can do please do not hesitate to ask.

  6. Sean and Marlene says:

    Jamie, we just listened to the podcast “White Coat Black Art” We are devastated to hear of your relapse, but pleased to hear that the chemo is working, and that Meme is busy knitting for a new grandchild. We will always remember her petit point samples of the colors for the interior of your BushCaddy that she bought with her to the shop.
    Our first impulse was “What could we do to help” We see that you wish to sell your plane. If it would be of help, Sean could drive down to see it, inspect it and be a contact and reference to prospective buyers.
    Please drop us a line at the above email.

  7. David Ealing says:

    Jamie, have you watched this video?

    Or visited this site?

    I have friends who this has worked for.


  8. Murry says:

    Hello Jamie: I just heard your story on CBC. Your story tugged at my heart for 2 reasons. You don’t want to go into debt and you are a pilot. Here are some documentaries that I’ve come across that will be of benefit to your smile! There is NO reason that medicines should cost as much as they do….Hope you watch these documentaries for they have Excellent information. I am giving you the links here:
    1. “Run from the Cure”
    2. THC (marijuana) Helps Cure Cancer Says Harvard Study

    3. The Beautiful Truth, what the doctors not tell you about natural cancer treatment

    4. LEAF : The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis / Marijuana

    Jamie: I want you to get well and take me for a ride in that airplane one day! We share a few things in common even though we don’t know each other yet.
    I have full confidence that you can stay debt free and get well at the same time! Thousands of people have done it and you can too!

    Get well Soon!

  9. Natalie Steen says:

    Thinking about you, saw you out in your yard last night and read your article yesterday on facebook. Stay strong!!! Best of luck!!!!

  10. Meme says:

    Hi Jamie , just thought I would post something on your blog . I want everyone to know that I married what I feel is the best man in the world. Everything you do is for your family and you are the most unselfish person I have ever seen . You have suffered so much just to stay with us and take care of us . Not only that, you have also been there for others , giving what you can to help and have been there as a mentor to others in your same position . You are a perfect father and grampie . I admire what you have done to help our children and all the help you give Kassidi with her lessons. You have never asked God , why me? You just accepted this terrible disease for what it is and continued to have faith in the Lord .You have taught us all so much about love and dignity and faith. You my love are one Amazing man and I want everyone who reads this blog to know that . I love you , Meme

  11. Carrol Stewart says:

    Hi Jamie….I have been following your progress through Tanya and I was delighted to hear that you had good reports on your last MRI and going to give Avastin a try. I would think you would be an excellent candidate for the combination of the two types of chemo.
    I just wanted you to know that I think of you and Meme often. B-Strong, keep positive and never give up hope. Hugs to all! C-ya!

  12. Marlene Allaby says:

    Hi Jamie, I didn’t know you had a blog. I will try to keep up to date on it. The CBC article was enlightening. When Chelsea & I stopped by the other day, I was amazed at what you were doing, even though you felt like it wasn’t much. Considering what you are going through, it is a wonder that you even get out of bed in the morning. You are an inspiration. I pray God will continue to sustain you with many more years here on this earth, so that you can bless your family. Prayers.

  13. Carol Pond says:

    Hi Jamie. So happy to hear that your latest MRI results didn’t show any new growths! Also very happy to hear that you and Meme are going to be grandparents again soon. That must put a big smile on your faces for sure. Hope things continue to go well for you all. Remember there are a lot of us out here thinking of you both. Will keep you in my prayers. Hugs to you and Meme

  14. Gary Masson says:

    Hi Jamie, I just put this (long) post mistakenly under your About section, please disregard/delete it and I will repost it here.


    Hi Jamie,

    I hope you continue to do well, I read your most recent post, that sounds encouraging. I heard your story last month on White Cloak / Black Art and I was pretty discouraged by it so I am glad you are holding your own.

    I am just coming off chemo myself (well my last treatment was actually in February, but I am only now finally getting my energy back – it hit the snot outta me).

    Anyhow, the reason why I wanted to write to you is they were passing around this old story on Facebook that I read, and I thought was good and so I re-posted it about a cheap , effective treatment for various cancers. Anyhow, this is the original post from CTV News (it’s a few years old). The drug is called dichloroacetate (DCA).


    Now , the reason why I am writing you is that my friend, Shane Anderson, made the comment that this was an old story but he did find some more recent information about the drug, it’s here:


    I read that article and I remembered you when I read that they did a trial that showed some positive results on glioblastoma multiforme (GM), which I think is your cancer.

    You may already know about this drug, but if not, if you go to that page there is a link at the bottom to email the doctor, Dr. Evangelos Michelakis who is researching this.

    I hope this helps, I’ll be sending lots of positive thoughts your way my friend.


  15. Rosie Cassidy says:

    Just been skimming through the blog. I’m sure you have looked into all options, but I wanted to mention Dichloroacetic acid (DCA) – they are using it in studies at the University of Toronto. We were learning about GBM in class today. Hope you are well in all other regards!

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