Update #5

Hello to everyone,

Since the last update I have seen my neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist and chemo oncologist. I had an MRI 2 days post surgery and it looked like they got everything. I had another MRI on this past Monday and it showed no re-growth yet. So that is good. I had a consultation with the oncologists and have decided to try more chemo, in the form of Temodar. I will try that first for a couple of months and see how I make out. I got very sick from this chemo last time, so we are going to try a lower dose for a longer period of time. If the chemo doesn’t work we may try another drug called CNU, or more radiation called MIRT. I should be starting the chemo the first of next week.

I am heeling up well. Still quite tired. I am very grateful for what Duke and the vaccine did for me. They gave me 4 years which I probably would not have had with standard treatment. They have a wonderful staff that were very good to me. However, it’s a new phase now and we must move on with the fight. Thanks to all who support us. It does not go unnoticed.


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3 Responses to Update #5

  1. Tanya says:

    Hi Jamie,

    A new phase, one day at a time. Hopefully, with the lower dose this time you will feel better.
    You have many to continue on this next chapter with you.
    Hugs to you and Meme.

  2. Carol Pond says:

    Hello Jamie…thinking of you as you go through this next part of your journey. I know you will continue to fight this…one day at a time. You and Meme are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong. Hugs, Carol

  3. Anne Marie & Maurice Eldridge says:

    Hi Jamie…thanks for the update and positive news. I can empathize with you wrt chemo, but we know it works. Life can be tough but you are tougher. Prayers coming your way from Moe and I.

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