I have added a new guestbook feature above, … feel free to say hello, or give a shout out to someone!

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  1. Great job! I check out the site every day. It’s Home!

  2. B. Kohlhaas says:

    Like your webcam very much. I visit your page every morning when we are on vacation during the winter and check out the weather up here. Unfortunately we don’t have a web cam at our place, but yours is as close as it can be. One of these days I have to take a tour and visit Beaver Harbour to see the “real thing”.

  3. shareyoursmile says:

    Love your web cam,
    My Wife and I are thinking about moving to Beaver Harbour. Could you please tell me if there is cable tv service or HS internet? We are moving from Ontario and currently have satellite.

    • Jeff Hawkins says:

      Bell Aliant has DSL High Speed, but no cable service – you would have to go with Satellite TV through Shaw or Bell

      Rogers has Digital Cable, and High speed internet, but the location will matter, as it is not available in every house.

      • Ben and Jan says:

        thanks for the information it is about the same as here so it will make sense to move our shaw stuff thanks again

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