Weather Update

I have added Accuweather to the Weather tab above, so now we have three seperate forecasts available, … with a little luck one of them will show sunny and warm!

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2 Responses to Weather Update

  1. Marilyn Wright markstay Ontario says:

    Hi Jeff! I was wondering why I can’t access the people who post comments now ! I used to always read their comments on Beaver Harbour! I always look at the picture of the harbour ever day! As Always Marilyn

    • Jeff Hawkins says:

      We used to have a guestbook script, unfortunately it was no longer supported by the maker, and someone figured out how to hack it. It caused major issues and had to be removed. The new format will allow at least some communications in the form of comments, and I may see about adding in a guestbook section as it was very popular.

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