Webcam attempt two!

Well, the iPhone based webcam solution was not stable. I am now testing an android phone based camera setup.

Cross your fingers, with a little luck this will work out better!

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I am sure many of you have noticed that the webcam has been down. We have had a bit of a logistics problem and are working on a solution. You can now see the fantastic view from my front yard in Pennfield. Hopefully in the next week or so the view of the harbour will be back.

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Photo Gallery

Hi again folks! I have added in the photos from the old photo gallery (See above). There may be changes to the layout from time to time as I work with the Gallery software, so be patient with me as I learn how to use it.

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I have added a new guestbook feature above, … feel free to say hello, or give a shout out to someone!

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Weather Update

I have added Accuweather to the Weather tab above, so now we have three seperate forecasts available, … with a little luck one of them will show sunny and warm!

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I have added a page for Tides, it gives 7 days of tide predictions. I have no reference to check to see if these are correct. If anyone has a tide chart and can verify that would be great.

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You can check the Weather forecast from Weather Underground by clicking the button up top, or you can see the weather on the side bar. Not sure if two separate forecasts is enough, … none of them ever seem to be correct!

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I seem to have the webcams working correctly now. I have added a couple of the closer NB traffic cameras. If anyone knows any other nearby cameras let me know.

Until I get a chance to figure out how to do a picture gallery, enjoy this older one.


test 4 016 [800x600]

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Times, they are a changing!

Welcome to the new!

As you can see, things are a bit different to say the least!

The webcam is still here, and you can get to it buy clicking on the webcam link above. I have added a weather page, but things may change greatly over the next while as I learn to play and tweak the new layout.

I am not entirely sure where we will end up, but lets see where the changes lead us!

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